Clever management of your medical scheme option and benefits

Medical scheme membership is an expensive purchase and the Plan you’re on is often not enough to cover all your expenses should you or your dependents fall ill or get injured.

There are actually some precautionary steps you could take to limit unplanned costs or to avoid healthy screenssituations where you cannot afford the best healthcare!

That something could be as simple as making use of the preventative healthcare measures your medical scheme fully covers any way.

By picking up easily diagnosed and treatable chronic conditions such as hypertension or diabetes in its first stages, we can all help to lift the heavy cost burden these diseases cause when it stays undiagnosed and become serious.

Just a simple flu vaccination before the flu season hits, can help you and your dependents stay healthy and save you (and the medical scheme) healthcare costs.

The medical schemes in South Africa are non-profit organisations and the costing model is built on a cross-subsidising platform. Should the members of a scheme implement substantial measures to lessen the cost-burden of healthcare costs across the medical scheme membership, it would have a positive impact on the premium costs across the full membership of that scheme.

Your medical scheme already  covers preventative healthcare measures that include:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Body Mass Index measurements
  • Blood pressure tests
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar screenings

The scheme you’re on might also cover other preventative tests that can save you money, i.e. mammograms, pap smears, prostate examinations, etc.

Clients of MedXpert have access to a dedicated consultant that can assist them in identifying the precautionary measures available to you and your dependents.

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