No more chronic medicine headaches with MedXpert

Chronic medication management is a strictly managed process by all medical schemes, and it is expected that the member will follow the clinicalchronic meds protocols and pre-authorisation process as its officially legislated by the Council for Medical Schemes. This entails a set of medication (formulary) and disease management guidelines that the member must adhere to.

It could become a complicated and time consuming exercise to go through these processes – especially as you need to send a new prescription for your chronic medication every six months.

As a client of MedXpert, you would have assistance with your chronic medicine as it’s a core service of your dedicated MedXpert consultant. These services include:

Getting guidance with the activation and registration of your chronic medicine

Stay informed about which medicines are in- or out-of-formulary (i.e. will it
be covered and are there co-payments?)

Let the consultant assist you with designated service providers of your medicine – saving you costs

Receive advice on treatment programmes

Get assistance with incorrectly processed claims and rectification of
your account

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