Utilise the knowledge and expertise of our skilled consultants

The medical scheme industry is a highly regulated environment and the schemes often protect their interests by introducing and implementing significant risk mitigating measurements.

These elements and regulations can be highly complex, making it difficult for members to understand and to know what impact it could have on their membership.

As a MedXpert client, medical scheme members have access to a dedicated consultant who has a full understanding of jargon and protocols such as Designated Service Providers (DSPs), Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), limited medication formularies, ICD 10 codes, etc.

The MedXpert Consultant’s knowledge of your medical scheme rules and regulations can be utilised to optimise your membership and obtain the most value from your options’ benefits.

Just an email or phone call away, you can submit your queries or ask for assistance to ensure you apply your medical scheme membership correctly and avoid penalties, out-of-pocket medical expenses or limited benefits.