Effortless medical scheme membership

As a member of a medical scheme you probably have found it quite daunting and frustrating to manage the benefits and options that form part of your medical scheme.It could be really challenging to deal with your scheme, not to mention the complexity of understanding and applying your rights as a member within the rules of your scheme and the Medical Schemes Act.

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Members have a need to be guided by a professional who has a view of their current and future needs when dealing with their current medical scheme and their specific options and benefits.

This is where MedXpert comes in.

As the client services division of Optivest Health Solutions, MedXpert offer our clients ongoing support with regards to their full health cover profile (i.e. medical scheme, gap cover, co-pay cover, health cards, loyalty programmes, etc.).

There is no need for you to try and make sense of complicated medical scheme terms and jargon such as PMBs, ICD10 codes, etc. The MedXpert team will take your specific queries and liaise and negotiate with your scheme on your behalf to get answers and to help with optimal management of your membership.

With regards to the cost of these services: Built into all contributions of open medical schemes is a broker commission component.

Therefore, if you appoint MedXpert to provide you with medical scheme support services, your contribution will stay exactly the same.

The appointment only applies to your health cover portfolio and will not impact your relationship with your financial broker who assists you with your other financial and insurance products.

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Access to a Consultant

Utilise the knowledge and expertises of our skilled consultants

Medical Scheme Support

Assistance and support with claim issues

Chronic Medication

No more chronic medication pains and headaches

Benefit Option Selection

Making sense of the annual option changes on your behalf