Making sense of the annual option changes on your behalf

During the annual option and benefit change period, the list of changes and new information communicated to medical scheme members can be an intricate and tedious exercise.

Members often struggle to make sense of the new brochure that was sent to them. It’s not easy to determine what exactly the impact of the new benefits on their membership could be, and if it would be better to switch to another option.

MedXpert is part of all the open schemes’ annual launches and familiarise themselves with the new changes and benefit options even before it has been communicated to the members. The MedXpert client receives a summary of all the relevant changes linked to their specific scheme and option, and the main changes which they should take note of are highlighted.

On the client’s request the MedXpert consultant will be able to provide the necessary support and assistance should the member have more questions or want to consider other options which might be a better fit for their healthcare or budget needs.